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Our Marquise Brilliant Cut Diamond Layouts

Perfect Matching at Competitive Prices

The Marquise provides an unrivaled feminine appeal. From its elongated shape which makes one finger appear slimmer, to its ability to make diamonds appear bigger.

We offer exact match layouts cut to perfection in sizes ranging from 0.5 ct to 0.75 for each stone.

Colors range from D to J.

Clarity range from VVS to SI.

We will walk with you and assist you throughout the entirety of the process to ensure complete satisfaction. Our customers use our marquise cut layouts for a variety of jewelry designs from Eternity Rings to Tennis Bracelets and Drop Earrings.

We offer advice and guidance such as the ideal number of stones required to match your finger or wrist, and are always available for custom tailored, or even complex requirements. Feel free to contact us about any questions or concerns.

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