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The Ever Growing World of Diamond Cuts

Learn about the most popular diamond cuts today

The world of diamonds is one of great history and ever growing creativity, with the thought of achieving perfection directing the creation of new cuts, and the improvement of existing ones. Below is a list of some of the most popular diamond cuts known today.

Round Brilliant Cut

In 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky introduced the original round brilliant cut. Since then the cut has progressively improved to optimize its fire and brilliance. The goal is for the light to reflect back to the eye from the center of the table. As of today the round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, and for a good reason..

 The Round Brilliant Diamond is the most expensive shape.  For instance, a diamond with the same carat weight, color and clarity will roughly cost around 20% more compared to another shape, with the identical specs. Another reason that the round brilliant shape is more expensive is that in order to achieve a perfect cut you’re required to lose more of the rough material in the process of cutting the shape. Of course, there’s also the fact that diamond prices like everything else, are also effected from supply and demand, and the round shape is the most popular at this time.

Cushions cut loos diamond

Cushion Cut

 One of the oldest diamond cutting shapes that regained popularity in the last decade. Back in the 17 century this cut was named “old mine cut” and was common until the 19 century. The old mine cut diamond had a square shape with a high crown and very small table as well as a very large culet. The modern cushion cut diamond has improved leaps and bounds to create a more brilliant end product with more “fire”. The Cushion can be cut to square or rectangular. Designers use cushion cut to create old fashioned style jewelry, among other uses.

loos Radiant cut diamonds

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut combines the advantages of high brilliance and the fine elegance of a square or rectangular shape. The radiant cut is one of the best-known mixed cuts and has grown in popularity in recent years. A radiant cut is a good choice for a buyer who wants a rectangular diamond shape, but prefers more brilliance than for instance an emerald cut can provide.

Princess shape brillint cut loos diamonds

Princess Cut

Princess cut diamonds, otherwise known as square modified brilliants, are reckoned to be the most popular diamond shape following the round brilliant. Princess cut diamonds, which feature square or rectangular crowns, beveled sides and corners that are pointed, were first created in the 1960s and its creation is attributed to a London jeweler. During the polishing process, the amount of diamond lost to princess cut diamonds in far lower than round brilliants, making this shape even more attractive.

Pear shape cut loos diamonds

Pear Shaped Cut

The pear cut is a combination between the round brilliant cut and the marquise cut. It and also belongs into the family of brilliant cut diamonds. This traditional cut is less defined in proportion than other brilliant cuts and it is available in many shape variations ranging from skinny, stretched elongated drop shapes to short and rounded teardrop shapes. Depending on the facet size and symmetry angles, a pear shape diamond might display a bow tie pattern, which is a darker area within the diamond viewed from the top. Pear shape cut diamonds are very elegant and are a good match for a buyer with a taste for uniqueness and personal style that favors the uncommon.

ovals brillint cut loos diamonds

Oval Cut

The oval cut diamond is  an elongated shape filled with elegance.  It contains a larger surface area compared to its ancestral round cut, which gives the appearance of being larger.  It is one of the only alternatives to the classic brilliant round cut that is able to match its sparkle and beauty. It is also more affordable due to being less popular compared to the classic round cuts, but then again, no cut is more popular than the round.  All this adds to its overall appeal as an alternative piece.

emerald shape step cut loos diamond

Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut, also known as the octagon cut, due to its octagonal outline, is the most popular of the fancy shapes family. The classic proportion between the length and the width is 1.35 but can be up to 1.50 ratios. When we set Emerald cut stones in a layout,their larger ratio provides the effect of looking bigger. The choice of rough material used has to be planned ahead. Ideally, a piece with as little imperfections as possible, and good clarity, as the Emerald brings both the good and the bad into light.

Asscher cut loos diamonds

Asscher Cut

The first Asscher Cut dates back to 1902 by the famous Asscher Brothers. With a clear goal to improve upon the classic Emerald Cut. While both cuts are similar, there are some notable differences. The Emerald proudly showcases a higher crown as well as 58 facets and cropped corners. The result is improved light retention with a unique asthetic appeal. 

Heart shape brillint cut loos diamonds

Heart Shape Diamond Cut

The Heart Shape Cut Diamond is a valentines day favorite that dates back to 1562, when it was presented as a gift to Queen Elizabeth by the Queen of Scots, Mary. Technically speaking, the heart shaped diamond is achieved by taking a Pear Cut Diamond and removing a notch from its top. However, in order to truly present a convincing heart shape, the symmtery must be impeccible, most notably between the top arches. 

Marquise cut loos diamonds

Marquise Cut

While all diamond cuts have their own unique history, it’s almost impossible to compete with the story behind the Marquise Cut. The elongated oval shaped Marquise was first created for none other than King Louise XIV by his court jeweler as a piece to capture the shape of the mouth of his beloved mistress. The reason however, that the Marquise Cut remains popular to this day is due to its unrivaled feminine quality, and flattering asthetics. The Marquise appears before than it actually is due to its elongated shape, and its shape offers a slimming effect when worn as a ring.  

Trillions shape brillint cut diamond

Trilliant Cut

The Trilliant Cut, also known as the Trillion or Triangle Cut  is a three equally sided diamond cut which forms the shape of a triangle. The Trilliant is primarily used as a side stone, however, it has such tremendous fire and brilliance that is can also be used  as a center piece Solitaire. Depending on its usage the Trilliant can vary greatly, from 31 to 50 facets. 

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