Ethically Sourced Non Conflict Loose Diamonds

C Diamond Group is full heartedly committed to making sure that all the diamonds that we source and deal in are ethically sourced. Diamonds are nature’s gift to us, and so is the earth that brought them to us, including its inhabitants. As such, we continuously evolve and search for suppliers that adhere to reducing environmental impact and increasing the positive impact that follows better conditions for all sides involved in the trade. Our customers know that the diamonds they buy from us are accounted for, and we are glad to participate in the Kimberly Process, the leading international system for ensuring proper regulation of diamond sourcing, as well as the World Diamond Council.

Our Commitment to the Kimberly Process

The Origin of the Kimberly Process

The Kimberly process which started in 2000 and launched in 2003 is named after its origins in South Africa, Kimbrely. in response to the legitimate negative impact on the environment, poor working conditions, and use of funds going towards civil wars in Africa.

The Kimberly Process combats “conflict diamonds” from entering into the supply chain, first and foremost through tracing the use of its revenue, and ensuring it is never used to support conflicts and war, in such areas as Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, and others.

As of today, there are 85 countries that adhere to the Kimberly process, and its impact proved to be a positive force, reducing the number of conflict diamonds entering the industry from 4% to 1% and continues to makes strides to do better, and we’re happy to do our part by commiting to the process. 

Kimberly Rules

The main conditions set by the Kimberly Process are: 

Diamonds must be sourced from countries where there is no evidence of its revenue being used towards causing hard or war.

The country involved in providing the rough diamonds must put forth national legislations, institutions, and import and export control, and meet the minimum requirements. 

  • Establishing internal controls to eliminate conflict diamonds in imports and exports
  • Appoint Import and Export Authorities
  • Ensure that rough diamonds are transported in tamper-resistant packaging
  • Collect and maintain records relating to the production, import, and export of rough diamonds.


The Rights and Sanctity of Human Lives

We at C Diamonod Group are passionate about making sure that human rights are never abused in any way, and will never knowingly source from groups involved in such behavior. From ensuring no forced labor laws are being broken, or child labor laws.

The Kimberly Process and our own process co-exist to help avoid trading with any companies, or countries, that contribute in any way to the destabilization of government, or civil unrest.

Our philosophy is that humans are more precious than any gemstone, and should be treated fairly and respectfully, and we feel the same way towards the planet. 


The Environment

environmentally aware diamond mining1

We are strong believers that responsible sourcing of diamonds is not just a requirement but a necessity for the health of our planet. C Diamond Group actively prioritizes working with suppliers that minimize the environmental impacts of mining, and do our share of promoting these standards throughout our industry.

Our Core Values

Behind every diamond is a story, and diamonds that end up being the symbolism of love and eternity should also come from love, and that is our goal. As such, as one of the earliest adopters of the Kimberly Process, we continuously work on improving the process and adhering to the code of conduct set by it. 

In conclusion, the Kimberly Process has, and continues to be, a vital tool that helps us ensure the diamonds we deal in are responsibly sourced, and conflict-free. We are proud to be a part of it, and are committed to promoting transparency, and accountability in our field. 

Diamond mining, when done with care, can be a force for goods, giving financial means and tax income to developing countries, and our goal is to support that process to the best of our abilities.


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