Asscher Cut Diamond Layouts

Asscher Cut Diamond Layouts 

Asscher cut Diamond Layout set diamonds

Our Asscher Cut Diamond Layouts

Perfect Matching at Competitive Prices

We specialize in manufacturing Asscher Cut Diamonds, and have an extensive stock which allows us to provide you with perfectly matched layouts.

Sizes range from 0.10 to 0.85 carats for each individual stone.

Colors range from D to I.

Clarity range from IF to SI1.

Our Asccher Cut Diamonds are unrivaled, and we can supply them based on your own unique specifications. Our customers use them for anything from Eternity Rings and Tennis Necklaces, to Riviera and Drop Earrings.

We offer consultation and are there for you throughout the process, advising you on the ideal number of stones to match your vision based on aspects such as finger size, wrist size, and more.

Special orders are available – we welcome orders for complex jobs. We would be happy to assist you in any questions or concerns

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