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Rectangular Radiant Cut Diamond Layouts

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Our Rectangular Radiant Cut Diamond Layouts

Perfect Matching at Competitive Prices

The instant classic Rectangular Radiant Cut is often described as a match made in heaven between the appeal of the Emerald Cut and the sparkling charm of the Round Brilliant Cut.

Our selection of Rectangular Radiant Cuts, which is one of our best sellers is highly versatile and competitive. We are able to provide the ultimate experience by matching them for use in side stones, and perfectly matched pairs, at sizes ranging from 0.10 carats to 1.00 carats total.

Colors range from D to J

Clarity range from VVS to SI

Rectangular Radiants have a stronger fire to them compared to the Square, and are ideal for use in Necklaces and Pendants, among others.

Easy or complex orders, worry not. We are capable of meeting all of your expectations and supporting you throughout the process. All our diamonds are cut in the same lapidary for delivering the best match possible.

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